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From Central Limit Theorem to Bayes's Theorem via Linear Regression

Take any statistics course and you'll have heard about the central limit theorem. And you might have read about Bayes' theorem offering a different, more probabilistic method. In this long post I'll show how they are related, explaining concepts such as linear regression along the way. I'll use math, history, code, examples and plots to show you why both theorems are still very relevant for modern data scientists.

How to develop Python Google Cloud Functions

I've been using Google's Cloud Functions for a project recently. My use case was building a small webscraper that periodically downloads excel files from a list of websites, parses them and write the structured data into a BigQuery database. In this blogpost I'll show you why going serverless with cloud functions is so amazing and cost-effective. And I'll discuss some practical problems that have solutions you can't easily find in the documentation or stackoverflow.